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EDUBIM CAMPUS is the most innovative provider of BIM training concepts and learning architectures. As one of the first approved training providers in Germany, we are allowed to issue the internationally recognized buildingSMART Basic Certificat and are the first German provider of the buildingSMART Practitioner courses BIM Coordination and BIM Management that build on it.

Like BIM, our teaching method is digital and forward-looking. Our innovative e-learning concept provides you with BIM knowledge how, where, when and at what pace you want.

Learn the basics of our BIM training levels by clicking on the hotspots:
BIM Pyramid Foundation Practitioner Certification

BIM Practitioner | Part 2

Part 2 of the buildingSMART BIM buildup stages for BIM coordination and BIM management.
The new globally recognized bS/VDI certificate to recognize your BIM competence in BIM coordination and BIM management.

BIM Practitioner | Part 1

The first part of the buildingSMART BIM buildup stages for BIM coordination and BIM management.
Certificate of participation for recognition of your BIM competence in BIM coordination and BIM management.

Professional Foundation | BIM Basic Course

The fastest way to your BIM Basic (Professional Certification Foundation) Certificate and proof of BIM knowledge.

Compact Trainings and Crash Courses

Targeted IFC and software Trainings | Compact Trainings when Time is scarce!

BIM support for Project & Company

Project Support and BIM Implementation Customized!

We share Knowledge

Are you just starting to get to grips with Building Information Modeling and your individual approach to BIM? Or are you perhaps already familiar with the method and are already planning, building or operating your projects based on BIM? No matter how you want to use and apply BIM - we offer you the right training.
Also with buildingSMART | VDI certificate!

With our innovative, customized E-Learning concepts, we enable further education and training on the topic of BIM - no matter when or where you want to learn. From basic knowledge to in-depth training for specific target groups we empower you with our products.

BIM E-Learning

With our BIM certification according to the internationally and nationally recognized buildingSMART standards as part of the "Professional Certification Program", you receive proof of your BIM expertise. Successfully serve competence queries or increase the value on the labor market is goal of our certification program.

BIM Certification

Are you looking for customized training concepts for your company in the design, construction, product manufacturing or operation field? With help of recognized courses for companies or individuals, we enable and certify you to successfully use the BIM method.

Our Training Concepts

Content & Design

BIM with Branding

We build learning architectures for you and develop training concepts, in which continuous learning will inspires you and your team! We are also happy to create our e-learning products, web seminars and face-to-face events individually combined and personalized for your Company.

References & Testimonials

Christiane Lewandowski | Head of Advanced Training Federal Construction Germany

Office of Federal Construction Germany

The very positive feedback from the first participant survey shows us, that we are on the right track with the training courses. Employees in federal construction are enabled to use the BIM methodology in accordance with the BIM Master Plan for Federal Buildings.

Robert Bäck | Team Leader Training & Consulting

Allplan GmbH

Especially in consulting it is essential to be able to give qualified answers. The EDUBIM Foundation E-Learning provides the corresponding basics. To ensure that we all speak the same language on the subject of BIM, every member of our Training & Consulting team is verifiably qualified.

Ingo Orth | Dipl. Ing | CAD | CAE | BIM Management

HPP Architekten Service GmbH

I highly recommend the BIM Basic E-Learning course because it not only prepares you for the final exam, but also teaches you the BIM know-how in such a way, that you can immediately apply it in practice.

Sebastian Jaeger | Ressort PKS


The EDUBIM Basic E-Learning was easy to understand and very clearly laid out thanks to the flashcards on the EDUBIM Campus. I was well prepared for the upcoming certification exam.The Q&A webinar left no question unanswered....

Kerstin Gericke | Head of BIM Unit

Office of Federal Construction Germany

The BIM method stands for digitalization. Therefore, only a digital approach was considered for the training courses. Through e-learning and blended learning, we can ensure in-depth knowledge transfer while being flexible and taking into account different levels of knowledge in this heterogeneous and large target group.

Olaf Jantzen | Inventory Management

Blum GmbH

Overall, the BIM Basic E-Learning gave me by far the most knowledge that I could never have achieved in face-to-face seminars.

The many attached exciting explanations and field reports in the course have deepened my understanding and brought me a real gain for practice...

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