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Special Offer: BIM Professional Certification Foundation and Certification

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This Special Offer includes the Professional Certification Foundation E-Learning plus your personal buildingSMART | VDI certificate 

In order to prove BIM competence, a recognized BIM certificate is required. Such a certificate was developed in a collaboration between buildingSMART as an international body and the German VDI. This e-learning enables you to provide internationally recognized proof of your basic BIM knowledge.

In a total of eight knowledge modules you will acquire: 

  • Comprehensive knowledge of BIM
  • Competence with regard to the information management of building data over the entire life cycle
  • Expertise (BIM Professional)

Suitable for:

  • Value chain construction in the areas of design, construction and operation of structures in building and infrastructure construction. Private sector/public clients,
  • Managing directors, managers, building owners, general and construction contractors, architects, landscapers, structural engineers, building services planners, building contractors and trades, surveyors, project controllers, project developers, asset, property and facility managers, building product manufacturers,
  • Beginners who are examining and preparing a BIM implementation in the company,
  • BIM managers from a company.

In 7 Modules you will learn

  • extensive knowledge of BIM
  • Competence in information management of building data over the entire life cycle
  • Basic knowledge for the acquisition of further subject-specific BIM expertise (BIM Professional)

Suitable for:

  • Those involved in the construction supply chain in the areas of planning, building and operating buildings in building construction and infrastructure for both private and public sector and on the client and contractor side.
  • Managing directors, managers, building owners, general and building contractors, architects, structural engineers, building services planners, building contractors and tradesmen, surveyors, project controllers, project developers, asset/property/facility managers, building product manufacturers.
  • Newcomers who review and prepare BIM implementation
  • BIM managers from one company


  • Previous knowledge of BIM is helpful, but not a requirement.

Module 1 |
BIM Overview

You will learn what BIM is, what opportunities and risks are associated with the introduction and implementation, and learn the common terms and their definitions. You will learn about the most relevant BIM initiatives

Module 2 |
Benefits and Project Examples

You will learn about the added value of BIM for the various disciplines at project and organizational level and will be made aware of the differences between BIM processes and traditional processes. You will also learn about possible challenges and the necessary soft skills for dealing with BIM.

Module 3 |
BIM Goals and Use Cases

You will get a first overview of which goals you can achieve with BIM and which use cases are therefore necessary.

Module 4 |
BIM Implementation in the Company 

You know how BIM can be implemented sustainably in company, department and team and how the five BIM factors can support you in this.
In addition to the general procedure using analyses and an implementation plan, you are also familiar with challenges and associated preventive measures.

Module 5 |
BIM Project Set-Up

You know about structure and process of a BIM project set-up and understand how the previous determination of BIM goals and use cases lead to the project setup. The overarching and small-scale processes in information management, associated roles as well as necessary requirements and first steps in BIM projects are known.

Module 6 |
Standardization and Types of Information Exchange

You will know the current status of BIM standardization. You understand differences, advantages and disadvantages between openBIM and closed BIM. You are familiar with the most common formats, as well as openBIM processes and terminologies.

Module 7 |
Object-Oriented Model Construction and Coordination

You are familiar with the requirements of modeling and which classifications you can use. You know how models can be checked in the context of coordination and how the resulting measures can be determined.

Only digital learning without the possibility to ask questions?

Of course not!
 If you have any questions, an expert instructor or trainer is always available during our office hours, even outside of the QA session included in the Certification Package.
Phone: (+49) 211 96 65 13 04

We also offer our BIM Professional Foundation E-Learning as a corporate solution. If you are interested, please contact us.