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The Company

Who we are

EDUBIM is your partner in providing training and learning architectures. In order to create leading concepts with practical relevance, all expertise from the field and our strategic consulting practice within the DEUBIM and POS4 group of companies flow into EDUBIM. EDUBIM actively participates and is represented in the relevant national and international BIM committees by guiding work and standardization and is deeply involved in program design. Upon request, EDUBIM can provide experts and speakers for specific topics and problems.

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In line with customer requirements for a rapid and well-founded BIM training, EDUBIM focuses on new forms of employee development with interactive, multi-level E-Learning offers. The qualification of BIM users conforms to the specifications of the customer or the individual needs of the interested parties. EDUBIM is accredited, certified and authorized to carry out “VDI / buildingSMART” certifications.


EDUBIM is committed to the comprehensive qualification of users in order to accelerate the digital transformation of the construction and real estate industry.

Our Mission

Our company's mission was shaped by our founder and managing director André Pilling. Long before the German construction industry recognized the term BIM, he was able to deal with the method in international projects and identify clear added values. As a consequence, André Pilling was one of the pioneers in Germany in promoting BIM.

The digital coexistence” of all those involved in the construction and real estate industry consequently not only became an architect's mission, but also a holistic corporate mission when DEUBIM and EDUBIM were founded. We are convinced that digitization leads to a new form of cooperation with considerable potential.

Pilling assembled his knowledge and in particular his experiences in the book of the same title - "BIM - The Digital Togetherness". The innovative non-fiction on the subject of digital transformation in the construction and real estate industry is practical assistance for organizations on the path to a "digital culture" therefore shaping the DEUBIM consulting approach.

What is BIM and what must be addressed along the way to a digital culture? How big is the cultural change really? What is the "new we"? Our CEO provides answers to these questions in this book as part of a discussion of "togetherness" from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Pilling switches playfully between the analog book and a "digital twin" - an augmented reality app belonging to the book, in order to make the paradigm shift eye-catching while reading.

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