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EDUBIM Professional e-Coordinator

Forward-looking and technically impeccable coordination is the linchpin of every construction project.
NToday Building Information Modelling (BIM) delivers significant benefits, particularly in the area of coordination, but here too the "tools of the trade" must of course also be learned. With BIM, new processes and innovative tools are on their way, which will certainly make your life easier if used correctly.
Join the "BIM Professional Coordinator"!
This e-learning will show you the specific responsibilities, tasks, knowledge and skills, through the use of practical activities and exercises.

EDUBIM Professional e-Manager

So what does a BIM Manager do? This question cannot be so easily answered.

On the one hand, it depends on whether you are more active on the client or contractor side, on the other hand, the phase and characteristics of your assignment are also relevant. Therefore, a distinction is made between BIM management for BIM implementation in the company and strategic, and operational BIM management in the project.
Are you one of the BIM Managers described above? Enhance your knowledge in the "BIM Professional Manager" course!
This e-learning provides you with company- and project-relevant knowledge and skills for your new role!

Industry Foundation Classes Training

My software makes errors in IFC export!

Have you ever heard this sentence before or perhaps pronounced it yourself? Then we would like to recommend IFC training, as you will soon realise that IFC is not that difficult! In the training we provide you with theoretical and technical knowledge about the Industry Foundation Classes. You will get an overview of various workflows, including MVD and Provision for Void. Upon completion, you will know how IFC files can be tampered and you will also be able to understand the requirements and special features of importing and exporting IFC.

ifc-Training is available on request as individual or in-house training: info [at]

Solibri Software Training

Mistakes in construction can be quite expensive. For this reason, we would like to show you how mistakes can be prevented even before construction begins.
Here the Solibri Model Checker (SMC) is of great assistance to you. With the help of the SMC you will find errors and collisions before the groundbreaking ceremony. Extended model checks, model comparisons and checks for conformity with standards are also easily done with Solibri. With our software training you will acquire the fundamental knowledge of Solibri by means of concrete examples. Tests of partial and specialised models are well known, as is the creation and testing of complete models. The basics of geometric and alphanumeric rule checks are also taught.

We are happy to offer you Solibri Training upon request as individual or in-house appointments: info [at]