Technical Book - "BIM - The Digital Togetherness"

“The Digital Togetherness” of all those involved in the construction and real estate industry not only became the architect's mission, but also a holistic corporate mission when DEUBIM and EDUBIM were founded. We are convinced that digitization leads to a new form of cooperation with considerable potential.

Pilling packed his knowledge and in particular his experiences in the book with the same title - "BIM - The Digital Togetherness". The innovative non-fiction book on the subject of digital transformation in the construction and real estate industry serves as practical assistance for organizations on the way to a "digital culture" and shapes the DEUBIM consulting approach.

What is BIM and what do you have to overcome on the path to a digital culture? How challenging is the cultural change really? What is the "new we"? Our CEO provides answers to these questions in this book as part of a discussion of "togetherness" from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Pilling switches playfully between the analog book and a "digital twin" - an augmented reality app belonging to the book, in order to make the paradigm shift noticeable while reading.

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